Lesvos Clinic is happy to be able to offer a Health Retreat involving a one week Therapy and Personal Development program which combines the best and most effective techniques for mood management with some unique relaxation experiences and sightseeing on a beautiful Greek Island

The program is available as an individual or group program and runs for a week.  The proposed dates are a guideline and can be modified upon request to suit participants.  Participants are provided with a treatment manual, relaxation CD and preparation material. A follow-up skype session will also be included to assist in the return and application of new knowledge to the participants normal life routine.

This program has been developed in line with other similar programs to facilitate the identification of difficulties, improved self-awareness of thoughts feelings and behaviours which prevent people enjoying their life to the full.  It includes very important tuition in relaxation and stress management techniques and offers experiences such as therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy alongside more traditional relaxation techniqes including yoga.

As part of the retreat and therapy experience you will be taken sightseeing to all the significant attractions of Lesvos, enjoying the beaches, the olive grove trails, the ancient ruins, the architecture of the old town, the museums and best of all local culinary delights. 

Lesvos Clinic  Health Retreat,Therapy Program and Holiday

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