Holiday Therapy Program Details

Day 1

Arrival and settling into hotel

Individual orientation

Psychological assessments

Goal setting and Problem identification

Introduction to Relaxation Activities

Day 2

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Introduction to Self-Monitoring

Examples for Self-Monitoring

Homework-Self Monitoring form 1

Relaxation Practice and Yoga Session

Excursion 1

Day 3

Indentifying your thought patterns

Application to your problem areas

Personal Challenges and Behaviour Tasks Set

Relaxation Practice and Visit To Thermal Baths

Excursion 2

Day 4

Review of Tasks and Self-Monitoring

Setting New Behavioural Tasks

Challenging Irrational Thoughts

Self-Monitoring 3

Relaxation Practice with Therapeutic Massage

Excursion 3

Day 5

Beliefs and Cognitive Therapy

Identifying Beliefs

Cost and Benefits analysis

Recognising what you need to change

Personal Daily Challenges and Tasks

Relaxation Session

Excursion 4

Day 6

Behaviour Change

How the change Thoughts Beliefs and Behaviour

Behaviour change- Step by Step

Personal Challenges and Tasks Reviewed

Relaxation Session

Excursion 5

Day 7

Goal Setting and Planning

Preparing for Setbacks

Follow-up Skype Session Booked

Personal Challenges and Tasks Set-up

Excursion 6

Appraisals and Final Quesionnaires

Final overview of progress and tasks

Check out

Day 8

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