The main goal of this program is to offer participants a unique life experience combining real therapy and personal development with relaxation.  By offering a structured program in an environment, away from distractions and problems, an individual is able to reflect on the causes and triggers of poor moods, difficulties, lack of motivation and other issues that cause dissatisfaction and poor coping with life.  At the same time participants learn skills and techniques to improve their life and self esteem with an experienced Clinical Psychologist.

The program is a structured  seven day program designed to make the most of the time available to the participant or participants.  The general outline includes a morning walk or swim followed by approximately four hours of therapy.  This will be followed by a lunch and afternoon break.  The afternoon program involves a range of activities combining relaxation and sightseeing whilst the evening is free time for either therapy homework or further exploring of the island. Each participant will receive a therapy manual, workbook and a relaxation CD.  Preparation material will be provided to participants who forward a deposit and confirm a booking.

The program is ideally run with small groups of no more than six individuals.  Research and experience has shown there to be many benefits to such group programs.  These include the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience and the knowing that you are not alone in your experiences in this life.  All groups are run with the utmost respect for peoples' privacy. However if a persons is adament that they would like an individual program, this too can be arranged.

Health Retreat and Therapy Holiday Program Lesvos Greece

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