Excursions for Health Retreat and Therapy Program

Excursion 1

Excursion 2

Excursion 3

Excursion 4

Excursion 5

Excursion 6

Visit to the old town of Agiasos and the sacred church of the Virgin Mary followed by a meal

Explore the city of Mitilini and the Medieval Castle. Visit the museum and enjoy the evening life of the island

Visit to the Ancient Roman Aquaduct of Thermi followed by a visit to the Monastery of St Rafael with coffee at the seaside village of Panagiouda.

See the northern scenic section of the island. Visit to the Monastery of Mantamados with it's world famous donuts followed by a meal at the beautiful seaside village of Sykamnia

Drive through the nature park at the Gulf of Kaloni and move onto one of the most beautiful stone paved villages of Greece-Molyvos. Visit Petra and the picturesque monastery for afternoon coffee.

Drive through the beautiful Bay of Gera with a Nature walk through tranquil Olive Groves followed by a tour of the Olive Press Museum.

Optional Extra Excursions

Overnight stay at Sigri to see the Petrified Forest and the Museum of Natural History and enjoy the beaches

Day Trip to Batera Beach for Rest and Relaxation

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