Personal Development and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


People often feel like the product of circumstances.  It's reflected in the words they use and in their behaviour.  For example you may say to yourself "I can't change my past", "you can't teach an old dog new tricks", "it's out of my hands" or even "they made me do it!"


It is convenient to bypass our personal responsibility in creating our life circumstances with these statements.  Most often, it works for a while, but in the face of serious difficulties, we stumble and get lost.  Even at these times, people avoid looking at their role in what is happening, often opting to turn to alternative help such as religion, family and friends or health providers for the answers.  It is true that usually people will not evaluate themselves unless life becomes so unpleasant that it is a necessary step.


In truth, if we looked inside ourselves first, we'd stop wasting time and start improving life faster.


Since the time of the great philosophers of the ancient world, we have known that you are what you think!  If you think negative thoughts, you will feel bad and in all probability, behave in ways that are not helpful to you.  In modern times, this is known as the COGNITIVE  BEHAVIOURAL  MODEL.  This is the foundation of many of the Psychological Treatments that are in use today around the world and it is recognised as one of the most effective methods for improving a range of mood disorders including Depression, Stress and Anxiety.


Put simply, the model states that we are always in a situation of one sort or another.  Because of this we make interpretations and THINK about the situation often triggering an array of values, ideas and beliefs as we go.  The thinking process is often automatic, occurring in pattern and at great speed so we may not even notice what is going on unless we are paying close attention.  The result of this information processing is a feeling or a range of emotions.  As part of this processing we may also experience physical feelings or physical reactions like those that occur when a person has a panic attack.


When we THINK and FEEL, it is then logical to react or BEHAVE as a result of what has occurred.  Behaviour based on  a knee-jerk reaction can often exacerbate problem situations.  A lack of any behaviour can lead on to more complicated processing about our inability to manage problems constructively.  Therefore we find that our behaviour is often inappropriate and unhelpful.  Such a pattern on even a small scale, can lead to long term dysfunction, inactivity and poor outcomes.


Thankfully, these problems do not need to linger and fester.  It is not difficult to get in touch with your thoughts and inner processing.  It requires some time, willpower and persistance.  This could be an investment much greater that you'd imagine in terms of helping to prevent the development of some more serious psychological disorder, or just to help you realise your full potential and dreams!!


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