This module is about changing the way you think! Whether you believe it or not, your thoughts have bought you to where you are today. Your thoughts  are driving you and are responsible for who you are and what you do in your life.


Your thoughts are what has driven your behaviour. You may be feeling unhappy about how your life is going and your feelings may be what has made you decide to look for a possible solution, however behind those feelings are thoughts.


Many people don't really think about their thoughts. They think about things like their behaviour or how they feel (because feelings are usually more noticeable) but rarely do they think about what thoughts went with the feelings and behaviour.


This module is to help you uncover your thoughts. To help you identify, examine and question what goes through your mind. This is important because what we think (consciously or unconsciously) makes us feel. Not only that; what we think and feel results in behaviours or actions and consequences.


So by examining and improving our thoughts, feelings and behaviour we may begin to lead more satisfying lives.


What This Program Is About.

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