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In this fast paced world we live in, we are expected to cope with all the stresses and difficulties that confront us with ease.  Often we are not prepared for these demands.  The competition is great and life can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to manage.  Lesvos Clinic can help to provide people with skills and strategies to cope better, improve self-esteem and  live more successfully and with greater confidence.


Lesvos clinic offers people an opportunity to improve their life using programs in a format suitable to their needs.  The options range from a self-help program with or without support to skype sessions with a Clinical Psychologist to a  holiday retreat which offers a one week program combining Quality Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a holiday on the island of Lesvos. 


These programs are based on well researched and tested treatment programs from leaders in the field of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy .  The strategies and suggestions have been used with real people in actual therapy situations over a twenty year period by our primary therapist.  




The material covered in this website is designed for those who may have low moods, or have difficulties in coping with life's challenges. Typically these therapies are suitable for people experiencing or recovering from Depression, Anxiety, Stress and more. It may also help people who have undergone a course of therapy with a Clinical Psychologist and may find the contents useful as reinforcement for previous therapy programs.

If you are unsure as to what program would help you, you can contact by email and a skype call or phone call may be arranged.




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